A Conveyancer Who Really Cares

Hi, I'm Natalie Daws

I can help you with the process of transferring property, by providing understanding, education and guiding you through what needs to be done. 

Work one on one with someone you trust

Looking after you personally to help guide you through your journey.

Easy to understand conveyancing

Keeping it simple so that you understand what you are signing.

Out of the box thinking to meet your goals

Going the extra mile to ensure your settlement goes through on time.

Rest assured with a friend for your journey

I’m here to help you every step of the way, with your best interests at heart.

I assist with all the legal documentation to transfer property.

Whether it be your first home, investment property, sub dividing land, private contracts or any other scenario in which property needs to be transferred, I can help make that a smooth process. 

Advice on Buying and Selling Property

Don’t be the person who falls into the pitfalls of a contract because they didn’t think to get Conveyancing advice.

Residential & Commercial Settlements

Buying or selling can be quite a stressful experience keeping up with time frames and when conditions in the contract need to be completed.

Private Contracts

A Contract of Sale can be prepared when you have found a buyer and don’t need a real estate agent to sell a property for you.

Want To Hear About My Client Experience?

Sometimes the questions are complicated and the answers are simple.

Dr Seuss

A bubbly and positive attitude.

I love what I do and being able to help people achieve their dreams of owning their own home. It’s a big milestone and I love being able to help find solutions during what can be a stressful time of their life.

My goal is to build a boutique conveyancing office that is well known and admired in my community.

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Here’s a collection of tips, ideas, and further resources about conveying property.

Tips For Choosing A Conveyancer

You do not have to use who the Real Estate Agent recommends to you. You have a right to independent representation. Questions to ask your

Understanding Verification of Identity

To minimise the possibility of fraud in property transactions, clients must undergo a process to verify their identity.  This process involves a face-to-face in-person interview

E-Conveyancing in South Australia

E-Conveyancing means Electronic Conveyancing, many conveyancers have been embracing this new technology since it was first introduced in 2016. It was not mandatory to use