Whether it be your first home, investment property, sub dividing land, private contracts or any other scenario in which property needs to be transferred, I can help make that a smooth process. 

Advice on Buying and Selling Property

You may not realise certain conditions need to be placed into a contract or misunderstand that the contract allows for certain conditions when it does not, therefore ensure you get the correct advice upfront.

I can handle the co-ordination of your settlement from Contract to settlement day, ensuring both your financial and legal obligations are carried out in a timely manner. Offering peace of mind to my clients by delivering a trusted, reliable and confidential process to ensure settlement is completed in a timely manner.

Private Sale Contracts

Selling your home without a real estate agent ?

I can assist by preparing a Contract of Sale when you have found a buyer and do not need a real estate agent to sell a property for you.

Your negotiated terms and conditions will be discussed with you and advice given to ensure the transaction is legal and enforceable. 

Coordinating all the necessary documentation to you as the seller and the buyer including the Form 1 Statement (cooling off rights) required under the Real Property Act.

Form 1 Statements (cooling off rights)

Did you know that you must disclose certain particulars about your property when you sell?

I can assist by preparing the Form 1 Statement (cooling off rights) to your property. Government issued particulars will be required, together with information from the seller to complete the Form 1.

The Form 1 needs to be served on any prospective purchaser once they have signed a contract, allowing them a 48 hour cooling off period.

When selling your property privately it is extremely important that the procedures are complied with to ensure the transaction is legal as set out under the Real Property Act.

Family and Matrimonial Transfers

Do you need your property transferred due to a Family Court Order or perhaps due to a dissolution of marriage or relationship ? 

I can assist with the legal documentation and coordination of discharging the bank or assisting a new mortgage to be placed on the property, together with coordinating the stamp duty exemption (if applicable).

Property can be transferred for many reasons. If you have a particular scenario you need to discuss then feel free to reach out.

Change of Name on Title

There are circumstances where a change in the name on the Certificate of Title may be required.

Perhaps you recently got married?
Perhaps a loved one has passed away?
Perhaps you want to change it for asset protection?

I can assist with the legal documentation and coordination of discharging the bank or assisting a new mortgage to be placed on the property, together with coordinating the stamp duty exemption (if applicable).

Land Division

Thinking of sub-dividing your land?

I can work together with your Surveyor to assist you through the Land or Community Division process, assisting you to complete the deposit of plan of division.

Attending to any creation of new certificate of titles for your allotments, creation or extinguishment of easements, creation of by-laws and many other legal requirements including arranging consent from your bank to the land division.

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Let’s chat about a solution that makes sense for you.

If you need any help transferring property or are after advice on doing so, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me.