Understanding Verification of Identity

To minimise the possibility of fraud in property transactions, clients must undergo a process to verify their identity. 

This process involves a face-to-face in-person interview at which certain identification documents are produced. 

Daws Conveyancing must certify on the document lodged with the Lands Titles Office that the verification process has been complied with.

The interview is completed by Daws Conveyancing in office or if you cannot attend the office Daws Conveyancing can set up a Video call to perform the identification process. 

Daws Conveyancing also has an Agent who undertakes the verification on our behalf at Australia Post if need be, however, Australia Post will charge a fee.

To process your verification of identity we require certain documentation, it is best to make contact to facilitate this smoothly.

All clients must have their identity verified if they are a party to a property transaction. This includes a person who is acting on behalf of an incorporated body, under a power of attorney, and a company director and/or secretary.

There are various Categories of Documents which need to be considered, however the main identification documents are a Drivers Licence and Passport (if no Passport then Birth Certificate, Medicare Card and Marriage Certificate). The person conducting the interview is required to take copies of these documents.

Few people are unable to produce these documents, however if you cannot produce one of these documents, you need to be accompanied by some-one (called a Declarant) who can identify you. 

Please contact Daws Conveyancing immediately for further information on this process to avoid any potential delays in settlement.

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